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Updates to Expo Booths, a Sneak Peek, and More

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

Before we jump into the product updates, you might be interested in seeing the new whitepaper we just released to help event teams generate massive value for their virtual event sponsors:

How to Deliver 6-Figure Value to Virtual Event Sponsors

OK, ready for even more updates to the Hopin platform? We’re rolling out more upgrades to the Expo Booth area — with some special sneak peeks into what's coming up soon. Check it out:

1. Preview your Expo Booths in your event dashboard (partial release)

You can soon see what your Expo Booths look like directly inside the Expo builder page in your event dashboard — before you publish your event.

Expo booth preview

This makes it easier to pick the perfect images and sizes for your booths before publishing your event. Expect to see this feature in your event dashboard in the next week or two.

Note: Mini booth sizes aren't available yet, but are coming soon!

2. Switching content providers in your Expo Booths updates live — it no longer requires a user-side page refresh to update.

As you already know, in your Expo Booths, you choose what content you want in the booth, whether it's Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, a live video Session, or, sneak preview, Google Slides. Like this:


Before, when you changed between these booth options during your live event, it required a page refresh for each attendee to see the change. Meaning if a vendor wanted to change the YouTube video in their booth to a live video session, everyone in the booth (including the vendor) would have to click refresh.

Now, this user-side page refresh is no longer necessary — when you switch the content provider in the booth settings in the event dashboard and click Save, the booth content updates automatically and dynamically. The transition is seamless!

Note: More on Google Slides integration in the next update.

3. Hopin can now test your connection and remember your A/V settings in Sessions.


In the preview before joining a session, you can now check the box to tell Hopin to remember your A/V settings to make it easier and faster to join sessions.

Click the Test Connectivity button to check your connection and audio and video quality to make sure your settings are optimized for the best performance. A test looks something like this:


This data is good to have for troubleshooting if a user connection issue occurs.

4. Attendee CSV download now includes the participation data, date of registration, and payment amount.

When you download your attendee list (or Zap it out of your event using Zapier), the attendee data now contains the following additional fields:

  • Payment amount. If the ticket is a paid ticket, it will show the amount the registrant paid you.

  • Participation. If the registrant showed up at your event, it will say TRUE under the Participated field.

  • Registration date. You will see the date and time the attendee registered for your event.


5. A few more small updates worth mentioning:

  • Accessibility. We improved screen reader coverage on the Reception page.

  • Schedule customization. You can change the color/appearance of your schedule on the Reception page (requires Enterprise plan).

  • Magic Link system (Pro feature that allows the use of an external registration system) can now accept additional custom fields beyond just first name, last name, email, ticket type, and headline.

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

P.S. We're hiring for 22 open roles around the world.

Have a great week!

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