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Track All Clicks in Expo Booths, Live Analytics, Download Chats as CSV

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

View live analytics in your event dashboard (Pro feature only)

We released a feature that shows the flow of attendees in real-time at your event.

Watch this tutorial video to see how live analytics works.

Event Dashboard | Hopin

Why this matters: We heard from our customers that they wanted a way to see where people were going in a live event — now, with Hopin Pro live analytics, they have the ability to see a minute-to-minute count of attendees in all areas.

This feature is only available on Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Download chats as a CSV


organizers downloaded chats as HTML, making it cumbersome to do analysis. Now, chats from all areas (Stages, Backstages, Sessions, Expo Booths) can be downloaded as CSVs for easier data processing and analysis.

The feature is available on all plans.

Track all clicks in Expo Booths


Previously, clicks on the 'Register interest' CTA button in an Expo Booth were tracked.

Today, there's a new report in your event dashboard that tracks all attendees who click on the links in the Expo Booths (Twitter, website icons, etc.).

This is a big update for lead generation for sponsors and vendors (i.e., booth owners). Essentially, expo booths can now generate leads with user data and more detailed user behavior.

For example, an attendee may not claim the special discount package on the booth's main CTA button but they may click out to your website — a good action for marketing teams to know.

This feature is available on all plans.

Coming soon: Prevent users from sharing tickets

In the coming weeks, we're going to be releasing a feature that limits multi-device usage to one login. This is a security measure to prevent attendees from sharing their registration information with others to let them into the event.


In other words, if someone registers for your event on Hopin, they won't be able to share their Hopin account details to let others attend the event (i.e., circumventing registration). Each device will require a unique login.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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