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Special News for Early Access Customers & New Features

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

We have some special news for our Early Access users.


Starting today, any registrations you don't use for your events will automatically roll over to the next monthly billing cycle for free.

This means you'll have more registrations ready and waiting to promote your next event on Hopin that you don't have to pay for.

For example, if you sign up for Hopin's Early Access plan with one organizer, you start with 100 included registrations — let's say you host your first event and you use 80 registrations. The remaining 20 will be added to your account the next month. So you'll start the month with 120 instead of 100 registrations.

Before, unused registrations simply disappeared, but now you'll accumulate your registrations for up to 12 months!

Note: rollovers only apply to Early Access plan users, not to advanced plans.

Read more about how EA rollovers work in our knowledge base article.

Attendees Can Report Users to the Event Organizer

To help maintain a high-quality event experience for everyone, we've updated our user reporting tools to allow organizers to take swift action during an event.

Fortunately, we haven't seen this tool used much at all, but we still wanted to improve the feature so that it's available whenever the time may come.

The Report User function is found in the People tab, under the three-dot menu.


Users can be reported for a number of reasons.


Whenever an attendee reports another event participant, organizers are notified directly via the notification panel.


The notification to organizers contains:

  • Attendee who is reported and will be under review

  • Attendee who is reporting another attendee

  • Reason for reporting

  • Actions: Block, Mute, Dismiss

Muting or blocking the reported attendee will have an immediate effect on the attendee’s side. Muting prevents the user from sending messages in chat and from accessing video streams. Blocking the user removes the attendee from the event and prevents them from re-entering.

Here's a video that walks through what this experience looks like.

Two new reports for Hopin Pro customers

For customers on our advanced plans, two additional reports have been added to the Advanced Analytics feature:

  1. Booth Participation Report

  2. Schedule-based Reports

The Booth Participation Report shows who went to each expo booth, how long they were there and what interactions (if any) they had with the booth.


This is very beneficial for selling event sponsorships. The more data organizers can provide, the more value they can deliver to sponsors. The more data sponsors have, the better their lead qualification and prioritization.

The second report tells Organizers what is happening during each of the segments on their event schedule.

The most frequent analytics request we have today is to provide more insight into what is happening during specific scheduled items, instead of just in specific areas of the event.

For example, a single stage might have six different talks scheduled on it. But stage-level data won't give enough insight into how each of those talks performed. Today, the Schedule Participation report shows each segment on an event's schedule and who attended and how long they spent there.

In other words, organizers will be able to tell how each experience or content on their schedule performed.


Coming Soon for Pro Users — Email Confirmation Added to Magic Links

On October 25, 2020, the Magic Links feature in Hopin Pro accounts is getting a security update via email verification.

This means any Magic Links that are downloaded and sent require a secondary confirmation by the attendee for added security. This is to ensure the recipient of the email is who they say they are. Here's an example of what that email confirmation looks like:


Your brand and organization name will be on this screen.

Note: Login links sent directly from Hopin to attendees will not change.

This feature is not live until October 25, 2020.

To learn more about getting the advanced analytics feature, the updates to Magic Links, and more, contact to request a consultation about upgrading to Hopin's advanced plans.

Thanks for reading!

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