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See Who's Online at Your Event, Hopin's Guide to Virtual Events, More

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

Hope your week is off to a great start. We released a new feature you don't want to miss that we cover below, but first, get our latest event guide here:

The Hopin Guide to Virtual Events

Read it on the Hopin blog.


New feature

See who's online

Our team has been working for months on this, so we're excited to reveal a new feature that allows organizers and users to know who's online at your event. Internally, we've been calling it the Hopin Presence system, because it shows you who is present at your event.

This "who's online" system enables a number of really neat features and data reporting. For example, you can now:

  • Know who's at the event right now. A green dot is displayed next to every attendee’s profile picture in the People Tab, for those who are currently online in the venue.


  • See who’s online in a session or a booth: In a session or at a booth, the People Tab has an area-specific subsection, showing a list of people who are currently live in that area.


  • Get notified of who joins a session or expo booth: Names and avatars of new people joining a session or booth are being shown at the bottom of the chat.


One big advantage of this system is organizers don't have to worry about shared logins. Attendees can have the event venue open on no more than one device, in order to avoid one ticket being used by multiple people. If a second app-session is opened (even in a second tab), they will receive a prompt asking them to decide between one of the two sessions. This limitation does not apply to organizers, moderators, speakers, etc.


More Hopin product updates:

  • Test your stream quality in Hopin before going live:

  • Individual Stages and Networking are added to live analytics (in addition to Sessions and Expo Booths released earlier). Note: Live analytics is a feature available on our advanced plans.

  • Download reports at any time, not just after the event. For customers who want to be able to get their data when they need it, not just once their event is over, you can now download your reports live at any time. This should be particularly helpful to organizers running multi-day events.

Highlighted events this week:

Keep an eye out for some exciting Hopin updates in the next couple of weeks! More soon.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

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