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Schedule Design Updates, SSO, Editable Emails, and More

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

Happy July!

We added a number of nifty features this week, as well as important improvements and fixes.

We also added two new case studies to our website. You can read them here:

P.S. We're hiring for a number of roles across the company — visit our new careers webpage to see them.

On to the updates!

New Features

1. Schedule redesign!

We updated the design of the event schedule on the Reception page to be more informative and useful. You can read/click speaker profiles and expand the list if there are a lot of speakers in one segment.

Also, for multiday events, the days are separated into sections so it's much easier to see each day's agenda. Less scrolling for the win!


We also added a search function and filtering by area for easy navigation and better user experience. For example, if you wanted to make sure you didn't miss any Networking segments, you can filter to see all the times when Networking is scheduled at the event.


Schedule update #2: The schedule is now accessible from anywhere in the event.

Participants can now check your event schedule by clicking the Schedule icon next to "Time Left" at the top of your event. This is always accessible wherever you are in a Hopin event (the schedule was formerly only on the Reception page).

The schedule appears as a dropdown, making it easy to see what's happening now, who's speaking, where, and what's coming up next — anywhere, anytime!


2. Hopin now supports SSO (Enterprise only feature)

For our enterprise customers, we've added the ability to create a Single Sign On connection for your Hopin accounts. Ask your sales rep about upgrading your plan to add SSO to your Hopin organization.


3. Send a preview email to test your marketing emails before distributing them.

We've added the ability to preview your emails from the editing tab so you can see what they look like before sending to your registration list.


4. Customize your registration pages' custom text (Enterprise accounts only).

Previously limited to only your Hopin event, we've extended the custom branding and custom text to apply to your Hopin registration page, too.



In Sessions, you can adjust the settings of your video streaming for optimized performance. In other words, a lower frame rate and resolution may improve the session experience when there are many participants or low bandwidth connections.


Easily toggle between polls and results with one click.

Toggle Between Polls / Results

You can now edit our automated email templates (Enterprise accounts only).

You know the emails Hopin automatically sends out for your events? You can make edits to those, big or small.


We fixed the merchant fees calculation for US currency on your Event dashboard. The portal wasn't displaying the right breakdown but has been updated to be accurate. More updates are coming to this feature soon.

We added clearer error messaging in the event app to help participants quickly troubleshoot device and browser issues.

When there are lengthy descriptions and names of Sessions, the session images display smaller in size so that everything fits nicely and looks good.

There were many more fixes and minor improvements not mentioned here but these were some of the highlights that we wanted to share.

What's been your favorite new feature of Hopin lately? Leave your answer in a comment below! 👇

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