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New: Updates to Magic Links, Customizable Content Areas, Cvent Integration, and Social Links on Expo Booths!

AUTHOR: Shar Patel

Hi there! Here’s what’s new in your Hopin account this week.

Updates to Magic Links

We’ve completely revamped our magic links functionality, and are excited to share those changes with you today! These updates include:

1) The ability to simply invite a few people via magic link manually.


2) More easily see who has been invited and resend invitation emails - Now you will be able to filter by ticket type + invitee status to choose to whom you want to resend emails to, in bulk.


3) Have clear step-by-step instructions on bulk CSV upload process.


4) And also, edit unregistered attendees’ details. Now, organizers can edit their attendees’ details as long as they haven’t yet registered an account with Hopin. That way, if an organizer finds a typo, they’re not having to start again with their upload or ask the attendee to change their details.

Available for plans Pro and up.

Customizable Content Areas

We’ve heard from many of our Organizers that it would be great to share additional content (pdfs, videos, playlists, etc…) related to their events. As such, we are now introducing a Customizable Content Area with a new editor for event areas including: reception, stages, sessions, and expo booths. Now, Organizers can embed widgets, videos, hyperlinks, downloads, and additional description in these in-event areas.


Available on all plans.

Cvent Integration

We are excited to announce our new Cvent integration, available to use in your Hopin account this week! We heard from many of our customers who have historically used Cvent to manage their events both online and offline, the importance of being able to connect their Cvent application to Hopin. By integrating Cvent, we automate the process of bringing registrations from Cvent into Hopin, making the process of using both applications more seamless and overall efficient. Stay tuned for more integrations soon!

Available for plans Pro and up.


Social Links on Expo Booths

Organizers and sponsors can now add social links in the vendor / expo booth section, making it easier for attendees to connect with them. Social links are available for:

- Twitter

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Linkedin

Available on all plans.


More Hopin Updates

  • Notification sound for direct messages: Get notified when you've received a direct message on the Hopin platform. Available on all plans.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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