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New: StreamYard Acquisition, Revamped Dashboard, Twitter Integration, and Hopin Explore Updates!

AUTHOR: Shar Patel

Hello everyone, we hope your 2021 is off to a great start! The Hopin team has hit the ground running, and we’ve got some exciting new announcements and features to share with you today.

First, let’s start with a preview of features we’re working on to release next week:

  • Miro Integration: allowing Miro to be integrated with Hopin to greatly enhance the collaborative capacity of Hopin's community.

  • Scheduling Meetings: Just like in an in-person event or conference, attendees want to be able to meet with one another in order to help build meaningful connections.

  • Reactions: users can clap along to content that is being delivered on the Hopin platform.

  • Speaker Profile Creation: organizers can now add speakers to their profiles whenever they wish, without needing the speakers to first register.

  • Magic Links Email Verification: an added layer of email verification for attendees, before accessing the event.

Here’s what’s new in the Hopin platform this week:

StreamYard + Hopin

The acquisition of StreamYard combines the beautiful video production quality of StreamYard with the full end-to-end live events experience of Hopin. The result? Hopin organizers are able to create events that dazzle their attendees- across every aspect of the experience. Learn more here.

Revamped Dashboard

We are excited to announce the newest version of the event dashboard is now available for all customers, via an opt-in. Now, when you go to one of your Hopin events as an organizer, you will be prompted to try out the new dashboard (you can still revert back to the old one too). This new dashboard includes new navigation, restructuring sections, and a brand new look! Try it out and let us know your feedback here. Available on all plans.

Twitter Integration

We’ve heard from many organizers that social media profiles are crucial to many of our organizers and their sponsors, and allowing attendees to engage with those profiles from within a Hopin event is high-value.

This new Twitter integration will allow organizers to display a Twitter feed in any side panel (event, stage, session, expo booth). Available on all plans.

Hopin Explore Updates

We have several new and exciting changes we’ve made to our Hopin Explore site that we’d like to inform you about.

  • Event Registrations Page Revamp - you may have noticed a fresh redesign to Hopin’s event registration pages! We are moving key information about the event to the header section, to improve the overall readability and user experience of registering for an event.

  • If you’re on the Hopin Starter plan, “public” will be the default option for your event. By listing your event on Hopin Explore, you can increase the visibility and registration for your event.

  • Speaker Profile Pages where users can see key information about speakers and see the events where they will be presenting.

  • Organizer Profile Pages - organizers will get dedicated profile pages where users can learn more about them. Users can follow organizers to save all their upcoming events to their profiles, and view both past and future events on this page.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to sharing more exciting updates in 2021 :)

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