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NEW: Sponsor Tiers, Disable Chat and Polls, Mute All, and More

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Here is what is new in your Hopin account this week. If you're using Gmail, you may need to wait a minute or two for the animated GIFs to load.

Introducing sponsor tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Hopin now supports the tiering of your event sponsors.


Once added to the Sponsors tab, sponsor logos can be tiered into three levels of sponsorships: gold, silver, and bronze.


For Pro, Business, and Enterprise users, you can customize "gold," "silver," and "bronze" to be called something else.

If you don't want gold, silver, or bronze levels for your sponsors, simply add all your sponsor logos to one tier. Gold logos are larger in size, so it is recommended if you have fewer sponsors to use gold. Likewise for silver and bronze if you have many sponsors.

To rank your sponsors, go to the Reception tab or the Registration tab in your event dashboard and add your sponsors, then drag and drop the desired arrangement of your sponsors by tier.

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Also: Sponsor logos can also be GIFs. More info here:

Turn on/off chat and polls in your event

Hopin now has visibility controls for chat and polls. In other words, organizers can toggle chat and/or polls on and off so that it's hidden or visible to attendees.

When chat or polls are disabled, attendees see a short notification message that Event chat is disabled or Polls are disabled.

Once the chat or polls are reenabled, all messages are saved for both chat and polls history.


Only the main event chat can be disabled. Stage, Backstage, and Session chats are always on.

Get the aggregate data highlights from your event in a single downloadable report

Organizers can now view and manage data aggregated into one file: Event Summary Report.

The file is generated and stored on the Reports tab of your event dashboard.

Data points included in the Event Summary Report:

  • Registrations (total number of people registered for the event)

  • Attendees (total number of people who attended the event)

  • Turnout

  • Ticket Sales

  • Average Minutes Spent

  • Total Comments (across all chats)

  • Stage Visitors (unique visitors to at least one stage)

  • Sessions Visitors (unique visitors to at least one session)

  • Expo Visitors (unique visitors to at least one expo booth)

  • Networking Visitors (unique attendees making at least one networking connection)

  • Connections Made

  • Average User Rating (average of the score attendees provide during the event)

Example of the Event Summary Report:


Also, you can download all your event reports into a single ZIP file for easy sharing using the All Reports button under your Reports tab:


Mute speakers for everyone in Moderated Sessions and Backstage

Great news for organizers and moderators! You can now mute attendees for all participants.

Attendees still can only mute other speakers locally (to themselves).

By clicking the Mute mic for everyone button, an organizer or moderator can mute the speaker for all participants in a Moderated Session or Backstage.


The muted speakers receive the mute notification on the top right corner of the page.


organizers and moderators cannot unmute muted speakers. Only the muted speaker can unmute themself.

Tip: Any Expo Booth set to Session will show Mute mic for everyone only if the moderator field is filled out.


Get notifications when new people join a Session or Expo Booth

Once you join any Session or Expo Session, all attendees joining the same Session will see an interactive popup that shows the attendee's profile. Click this popup to see the attendee's profile and/or send a direct message. Example:


We also made significant accessibility improvements.
Hopin events are much easier to navigate by keyboard and our error messaging is more intuitive and illustrative for easier navigation with screen readers.

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