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New: Polls in Stages, Post Event Analytics Dashboard, Scheduled Meetings Report, and more!

AUTHOR: Shar Patel

Happy Monday, Hopin community! We’ve got some exciting new updates to our platform to share with you all today.

First, let’s start with a preview of features we’re working on to release in the next couple weeks:

  • Survey changes: starting next week, the mid-event survey your attendees receive will come from you as the organizer, versus the Hopin team.

Here’s what’s new in the Hopin platform this week:

Polls in Stages

Starting this week, we will now have polls available in Hopin stages for attendees to help increase audience engagement across more areas of the platform. Available on all plans.


Post Event Analytics Dashboard

We heard a lot of feedback from our organizers, that having access to timely analytics post-event is hugely important. This week, we’re excited to announce this capability with our new post-event analytics dashboard. We've highlighted the key metrics that organizers care about, to be shared right within the organizer dashboard. With this release, organizers will be able to view the most relevant stats at one place before digging into specific reports. For organizers interested in their event NPS scores, we will also work towards including this number in within the dashboard in the coming month. Available on all plans.

To start, this post-experience Analytics Dashboard will display:

  • Turnout percentage

  • Average time spent on event

  • Expo booth visits

  • Expo booth clicks

  • Chat messages

  • Networking meetings

If an organizer did not have Expo booths, expo content will be replaced with:

  • Connection requests

  • Private meetings

If an organizer sold tickets using Hopin, they will see:

  • Number of tickets sold

  • Ticket sales (dollars)

If an organizer did not sell tickets using Hopin number of ticket sold and ticket sales will be replaced with:

  • Registrations

  • Countries Represented


Scheduled Meetings Report

This feature is only available if you are using the Schedule Meetings feature for your event. We now have a new report added available on the reports page, that allows organizers to see how many meetings were scheduled. This report can be found below the networking meetings report. Available on advanced plans.

This report will include the following:

  • Meeting creation date

  • Creator’s email

  • Creator’s name

  • Recipient’s email

  • Recipient’s name

  • Meeting start time

  • Meeting end time

  • Response status (pending, accepted, declined)

scheduled events.png

Advanced Page Updates and Venue Controls Page

If you have chosen to opt-in to the new Hopin Organizer Dashboard, you will see updates to the Advanced Page. Available on all plans.

On this page, we will now show:

  • Security Settings

  • Marketing Settings

Similarly, you will now also see a new Venue Controls page. We have built a variety of features to enable organizers to control the event experience for their attendees from the dashboard. These options were in separate places – we have now consolidated them and grouped them under a Venue Controls page, which now includes attendee visibility, video networking, attendee session creation and doors open / closed.


Additional Updates

  • Our Salesforce integration now includes the capability to push the attended status from Hopin to your Salesforce account. Available on advanced plans.

  • We’ve upgraded our Marketo integration to support multiple ticket types and multiple events by using Marketo Webhooks, and are now making Marketo available to all of our Advanced plans. You’ll now connect only once to Marketo, and you’ll be able to import and export registrations and attendance data in real-time. Available on advanced plans.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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