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New: Networking improvements

AUTHOR: Nathan Ventura

Happy Tuesday, Hopin community! We’ve got several exciting new features and functionality to share with you today, so let’s jump right in.

First, let’s start with a preview of features we’re working to release in the next couple weeks:

  • New Analytics Overview Page: A refreshed analytics dashboard with improved graphs, tables, and new metrics.

  • StreamYard Studio: Use StreamYard’s powerful live video studio from your Hopin Backstage to broadcast smooth, branded, and professional streams to your event stages.

  • RTMP: Broadcast to one or multiple sessions using a single RTMP source.

  • Recording Library: An improved version of our session and stage summary to house all of your event’s recordings in a single location.

  • High Quality Session Recordings: Higher resolution recordings for your sessions.

Networking Revamp

Networking should feel fun and organic during your Hopin events. We’ve made some improvements to make the networking experience feel more natural and so attendees know what to expect during networking. We’ve added a basic description of how networking works when an attendee visits the networking area. They will also now see their conversation partner before they get connected. Basic profile information will be visible before networking begins so it’s easier to jumpstart conversations.


Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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