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New Look, New Languages, and Other Updates

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

Hopin has a new website!


If you visit Hopin's website, you'll find a totally refreshed look for Hopin. Our design team has worked very hard to make this happen and we hope you love the result just as much as we do!

Our designer Hazel Song wrote a blog article on why we made the design decisions we did. You can read it here.

The new website has a few new pages to visit:

- Case studies
- Why Hopin
- About us
- Status page
- Careers page
- Updated Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions

Hopin is now available in English, French, and German!

Spanish and Portuguese are coming soon, followed by Japanese.

The language of the event will default to the user's browser language, so, for example, if they have French chosen in their browser, the Hopin event will automatically display in French.

To change the language a user sees in Hopin, go to the Profile menu in the top right and select Languages.


Then choose the desired language from the menu.


Once updated, all of the labels in the event will show in the preferred language.

NOTE: this feature is disabled when the custom texts Pro feature is turned on. Custom texts default to English.


Disable/Enable one-on-one private video calls

Did you know your attendees can start one-on-one video calls with other attendees at your event via the People tab? Yes! If you go to the People tab, you can find someone you want to meet with, click their profile (you can do this from any chat area in Hopin, too), and select the button "Invite to video call."

The Invite to video call button is a default setting for every Hopin event, but you can now disable it under Advanced Settings in your event dashboard.


Uncheck the box "Allow inviting to video call in People tab" and click Save to turn off this feature in your event.


There is a lot more coming down the pipeline very soon. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below 👇😀

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