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Multiple Stages, Accessibility Improvements, Zapier Updates, and More

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

Hello! We have some new features and updates to share with you this week.

We're growing in all areas of the company, from features to people, too. Speaking of which—we're hiring! View our open positions on our Careers page and be sure to check back soon: more positions will be posted in the coming weeks.

Alright, let's get to the features.

Multiple stages are here!

(Enterprise add-on feature only)


Before, each Hopin event only had one Stage.

Now, your Hopin events can have multiple Stages.

Each additional Stage comes with its own Hopin Studio (backstage) and RTMP stream URL, so you can have multiple productions going on simultaneously at your Hopin event.

This means, for example, you can have a DJ set on one Stage, a keynote on another Stage, and a panel discussion on a third Stage — all at the same time. The options are wide open.

This also solves the problem of when Sessions aren't large enough for a breakout room or when multiple RTMP streams are needed at the same time. Now you can create more Stages at your event and deliver more content at scale to your attendees in different areas, just like a physical venue with multiple stages.

And, of course, this means you can add even more value to your sponsorship packages. Win!

Gender-neutral avatars.

When users turn off their camera while on video, the avatar that displays is gender-neutral.


Ah, much better.

Two accessibility improvements

  1. Screen readers are now able to read "users online X" in your event so everyone can know how many people are at your event.

  2. There are now header titles in the tabs for Stage, Sessions, and video pages. See screenshot below. This specificity improves the communication to all users of what content is happening in these areas.


See live views on Sessions

The number that you see on the Sessions list now updates with the live count of viewers (used to be total view count).


Zapier integration update.

You can now pull registration data from your Hopin event and zap it into any destination that has a Zapier integration, such as a CRM, spreadsheet, and more.

For example, you can send Hopin registration data into Hubspot with the following trigger/action in Zapier:


This means that using Hopin as a lead generation tool just became much more powerful and more automated.

Instead of manually downloading and uploading CSVs, you can enrich your customer database and market to your attendees by setting up a simple zap.

Note: this zap cannot be run for past events or registrations. It only works for new registrations, once your zap is turned on.

Important: The Hopin-Zapier integration is still in beta and we are still making improvements to it. More to come on this.

Fixed: Vendor logos are no longer cropped in the booth tab.

Vendor logos that were especially horizontal or vertical used to have trouble fitting into the circular limits inside a booth. Now they don't. And your vendors' branding always looks great inside their booth. By the way, we have more booth improvements coming soon.

That's it for now. Let us know if you find these product updates valuable in a comment below.

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