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January Product Update

AUTHOR: The Hopin Events team

Happy January! We have several new product updates to share with you so let’s jump right in.

Updates for event organizers

Improved workflow in Schedules

  • Create sessions without leaving the Schedule Builder. Read more here.

  • Bulk edit tags and speakers without leaving the Schedules page. Read more here.

New ActiveCampaign integration

  • Export registration and attendee status lists from Hopin to ActiveCampaign. Read more here.

Improved Marketo Magic Links

  • Marketo Magic Links will no longer overwrite existing Magic Links for participants attending multiple events. You will have to reinstall the Marketo app to experience this change. Read more here.

New search and filtering functionality for Sessions

  • Save time in the organizer dashboard. Quickly find the event segment you’re looking for with our new search and filtering functionality for Sessions.

Enhanced Q&A functionality

  • We’ve launched a new user interface for liking, replying, and removing questions. Starting February 7, event organizers will also be able to mark questions as “Answered” and filter questions by status, making it easier to identify unanswered questions. Read more here.

Hopin Backstage updates

  • Tap into our new solo layout with background to enhance your event branding when there’s a solo broadcaster on screen. Broadcasters can now also play background music to add some ambience to streams or keep the flow going during an intermission. Read more here.

Updates for the attendee experience

Revamped notification center

  • We’re leveling up Hopin notifications with in-app previews, a notification center tray, counter badge alerts, and sound notifications. Attendees will also be able to configure how they receive notifications. Read more here.

Closed captions added to the Stage

  • We’ve expanded closed captions beyond Sessions to the Stage. This will benefit any attendee who needs or wants to read closed captions during an event. Read more here.

New clear chat capability

  • Attendees can now experience an improved chat experience when joining a new event or event segment. Event organizers can now clear the chat and these cleared messages will still be available for organizers to access in the event chat report. Read more here.

Speaker recognition added for Sessions

  • A blue border will now appear around a speaker’s video in Sessions, giving attendees an easy way to identify who’s speaking at any given moment.

Enhanced Q&A functionality

  • In addition to updating the Q&A user interface, we’ve also increased the character limit for questions from 200 to 400. Read more here.

Updated Schedule segments visibility

  • Attendees will now only see schedule segments available to their ticket type. This update only affects the in-event schedule, not the registration schedule. Read more here.

Learn more about these product updates

Check out our January 2022 product update blog post to learn more about how you can incorporate these product enhancements into your next event.

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