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Hopin Mobile App, Accordion-Style Navigation for Event Dashboard, and more!

AUTHOR: Nathan Ventura

Happy Tuesday, Hopin community! We’ve got some exciting new updates to our platform to share with you all today including the launch of our new mobile app.

First, let’s start with a preview of features we’re working on to release in the next couple weeks:

  • Dashboard - At the end of March we’re excited to launch an updated design of our event dashboard which is much easier for organizers to use. All of the primary dashboard navigation will be nested under a few main tabs (Setup, Venue, People, Email, Advanced, Analytics) and organizers can navigate between tabs and nested sub-tabs. The new dashboard is also optimized for faster load times for a streamlined event creation experience. All organizers will be transitioned to the event dashboard on March 29th. We’ll be sharing knowledge base articles on exactly how the new dashboard works over the next several weeks so stay tuned!

  • Integration Section on Venues pages - An additional “integrations” section is being added to the Venue pages to make it easier for you to manage all of your integrations for your events.

Here’s what’s new in the Hopin platform this week:

Hopin Mobile App

We’re excited to announce that the new Hopin Mobile is now live on the Apple App Store! With the Hopin mobile app, our mission was to provide the same great event experience on the Hopin web app — loved by millions of attendees and thousands of event professionals — and make that available for free on your phone.

You can discover new events, join events and engage via chat, people and polls. You can also see people who are attending virtually or physically. The Hopin mobile app is currently available on iOS and will soon be available for Android.

Join other Hopin users and tell us how you’re using the app!


Accordion-style Navigation for Event Dashboard

If you’ve opted into our new dashboard you will see a new accordion-style navigation for your event dashboard. Accordion-style navigation will allow you to click into a tab on the left-hand toolbar in the Event Dashboard (for example, "Setup", or "Venue" or "Advanced") and have sub-tabs (like "Basics" or "Sessions") expand and contract. This will help you spend less time navigating between tabs so you can create events faster.


Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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