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End of May Product Updates, Including Custom Registration Fields and Custom Text Labels

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

There were too many fixes and features this week to mention, so here are the highlights of what's new in Hopin this week.

1. Hide People tab OR attendee count.

You can now hide the attendee count (the number next to green dot) in your event, without hiding the People tab. They were tied together previously.

2. Custom registration fields (Pro plan only)

Highly anticipated. This features lets organizers gather more (any) information from your attendees at registration.


A custom registration field can be a text input, option select, or checkbox


To download the custom registration data, go to View Attendees in your event dashboard.

Click "Export All as CSV."

While the custom registration answers aren't showing in your event dashboard view, the custom answers are included on the downloaded CSV.

3. Custom text labels (Pro plan only)


Notice anything different about the screenshot above? Take a closer look at the area labels on the left.

This feature lets organizers change the text of almost everything in Hopin, from the lefthand areas to the expo booth special offer, to the "Organizer" tag on your name in chat. There are dozens of places to customize the text in Hopin.

You can access this feature from your event dashboard under Customizations >>> click Design.


4. Ability to share tab audio when screen-sharing

Now when you screenshare a video in a browser tab (not application or desktop), the audio from the video can play natively from the screen share, not from your webcam. Remember to check the box. This significantly increases the quality of the audio coming from screenshares in sessions, stage, and expo booths.

5. Better error messaging

Previously, we were showing users error messages that were "something went wrong" but now we've updated the copy to be more helpful, such as asking users to refresh the page to try again.

6. Fixed Twitter links

Links to Twitter profiles no longer show invalid links.

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