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Deeper Event Branding, Better DM Notifications, and More

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

At Hopin, we're always trying to give organizers more options and tools to make your Hopin venue feel more like your own. It's your event, your audience, your experience—so our goal is to make it look and feel like your space, too. This week is a significant step towards that and we're excited to show you.

Some of these features are for Pro accounts only but most of them are available for everyone.

Here's what's new at Hopin this week:

Deeper branding settings (Pro add-on feature only).

You can now customize the appearance of your Hopin event, down to the very last details.

See the examples of mock events below.



This level of branding is now possible in Hopin.


How to apply deeper branding to your event

To customize your Hopin event's design, click the Design tab in your event dashboard.

Click "Show Advanced Settings."

Here you'll see the options to change all the colors in your Hopin event, including background, font, and components such as buttons.

Note: There are a lot of options! We recommend working with a designer to make advanced changes to your event's design.

Improved direct message notifications are here! Plus — a new "Messages" section under the People tab.

We listened to your [great!] feedback that our notification system sometimes made it too easy to miss a DM.

So we added a dedicated element in the top right that shows a red notification whenever an attendee receives a new direct message.


When you click a notification it opens a new section in the People tab that shows all of your direct messages, all in one place.


Now you'll never miss a direct message in Hopin again!

Heads up: more exciting updates coming to Hopin's chat features.

Accessibility improvements.

All buttons now work with keyboard navigation as well as all future buttons.

Screen readers can now access the chat input and help users type.

Added Portuguese translation.

Que bom!

Expert organizer tip: How to play multiple videos in a Booth

One of our amazing organizers shared a helpful tip on how to play YouTube playlists (i.e., multiple videos) in a Hopin expo booth. Here's the video they made:

Hopin - Multiple videos in a Booth

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