Johnny Boufarhat
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A really really big month

AUTHOR: Johnny Boufarhat

We're going to start giving more regular updates instead of big ones once a month, it's just been so busy. Welcome all new early access users of Hopin! We're on a mission to connect people online and help you create the best online events.

Updates this month

  1. Chat Mentions

  2. Previews ( view your event whilst your creating it before live (only organisers) )

  3. Better Reporting (Who actually attended your event) and chat history download

  4. Priority in Sponsors, Sessions, and Expo Booths

  5. Multiple Booth Sizes

  6. "What's happening now" in reception area

  7. Schedule Update to improve visibility of past segments

  8. Improved RTMP streaming

  9. Over 100 minor bug fixes and performance updates

  10. More visibility when duplicating your event

  11. And much much more!

We're going to start doing nearer updates, we've got some amazing ones coming up including new registrations pages, a wildly improved backstage studio streaming experience, and much much more!

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