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9 New Features — New Data, Expo Booth Notifs, Tagging System, Schedule Uploading, and More

AUTHOR: Dave Schools

TechCrunch Disrupt is happening on Hopin right now! Here's TechCrunch's preview video that showcases the Disrupt venue powered by Hopin.

There are so many new features to announce this week so we published a blog post with videos, tutorials, screenshots, and everything you need to know to start using them.


Here's the list of new features:

  1. Introducing Hopin's new tagging system for speakers, schedules, sessions, and booths

  2. No more empty expo booths with Hopin's new Fallback Provider feature

  3. Get notified when attendees enter your booth

  4. New Schedule uploading tools, including the option to link externally

  5. New reports, data, and analytics improvements

  6. Organizers have the option to block attendees

  7. Restrict Stage access to certain ticket holders (requires paid upgrade)

  8. Make any session private (i.e., invite-only)

  9. Make your Hopin event look perfect with these image specs for your event graphics

👉 How to use these features in your events.

Speaking of blog posts...

One of Hopin's event managers captured eight ways to increase engagement at your virtual events through gamification. You can read the article here:

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School is in session

Want to know how universities including MIT, Berkely Haas, Notre Dame, McMaster, Alabama State, Vanderbilt, and more are hosting virtual events?

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